Beyond Succession: Diving into the Complex Waters of M&A for Family-Owned Businesses

The choppy waters of mergers and acquisitions can sink family-owned businesses if not done carefully. In this episode, we wade into the challenging process of M&A for family enterprises looking to continue their legacy. We are joined by Ted Kouri, Founder and President of Incite, as he shares his expertise on mid-market M&A advisory services. We discuss critical steps like formulating an M&A strategy, conducting due diligence, maintaining brand identity post-acquisition and leading change management.


Beyond Succession: Mastering Succession and Emotional Dynamics in the Family Business

In this episode, Mike Mack of X5 Management sits down with host and Bennett Jones Partner, Leah Tolton, to explore how succession dynamics create ripples across family and business relationships, influencing the enterprise's trajectory. We dive into the complex and nuanced interplay between succession planning, family ties, emotions and objectives.


Beyond Succession: Maximizing Family Business Success for the Next Generation

In this Beyond Succession podcast episode, we look at the tools available to help family successors be effective board members or managers, as well as how families can best deal with gaps to ensure a smooth transition to avoid any potential conflict. Tune in for a blend of wisdom, strategy and foresight that can transform the challenges of succession into opportunities for legacy-building and enduring success.


Beyond Succession: The Entrepreneurial Exit—How to Prepare, Proceed and Prevail in Business Transitions

We hosted Jeff Cullen on our Beyond Succession podcast to dig deep into a subject many entrepreneurs find challenging, yet vitally important: preparing your business for an exit. Jeff is a seasoned consultant and Certified Exit Planning Advisor at Sunbelt Business Brokers with over 20 years of business experience. From understanding business valuation methodologies and tax considerations, to planning for succession and managing liabilities, Jeff shares invaluable insights that could help you avoid common pitfalls and make your exit strategy as smooth and profitable as possible.


Beyond Succession: Family Business Governance and Effective Decision-Making for Success

This episode explores essential family enterprise governance strategies. Leah interviews succession planning expert Lynne Fisher, National Team Leader of ExitSmart at MNP. Discover how proper governance can enable growth, continuity and harmony for generations to come.

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