WPC 2023 Day Four: Fueling Innovation in Biofuels, RNG and SAF

21 septembre 2023

On the fourth and final day of the 2023 World Petroleum Congress in Calgary, Bennett Jones' Shawn Munro and Luke Morrison spoke with conference attendees about biofuels and renewable natural gas from both regulatory and commercial perspectives. They also discussed how sustainable aviation fuel is critical for the decarbonization of the aviation industry.

WPC 2023 Day Three: AI in the Energy Industry—Making Sense of the Noise

20 septembre 2023

There is a lot of noise around using artificial intelligence (AI) in the energy industry. Bennett Jones' Sébastien Gittens helped make sense of it on Day Three of the World Petroleum Congress in Calgary. He spoke with conference attendees about how AI is being used right now and what energy companies should consider when onboarding it.

WPC 2023 Day Two: What Matters Most in Hydrogen Production and CCUS

19 septembre 2023

On Day Two of the World Petroleum Congress in Calgary, Kevin Myson and Jessica Kennedy spoke about what matters the most in hydrogen production in Canada and why carbon capture, storage and utilization plays such an important part.

WPC 2023 Day One: Canada as a Global Energy Supplier

18 septembre 2023

Day One of the 24th World Petroleum Congress kicked off in Calgary today as 5,000 delegates from more than 100 countries have come together to help define realistic, workable paths to a net zero future. Bennett Jones is the Official Legal Sponsor of WPC 2023 and the firm is hosting Meet the Expert and Knowledge Connect sessions with our energy partners throughout the week. Today, Pat Maguire and Martin Ignasiak spoke about the role of Canada as a global energy supplier, how to make Canada more competitive and why more and more people are realizing that the energy question is not a simple one.

24th World Petroleum Congress

17 septembre 2023

As a frontrunner in the energy industry for the last century, Bennett Jones is proud to be the Official Legal Sponsor of the 24th World Petroleum Congress. The conference provides a unique opportunity to work together to develop realistic and workable paths to a net-zero future.

Principales personnes-ressources

David J. Macaulay
David J. Macaulay
Chef de la pratique de l'électricité et des énergies renouvelables
Shawn M. Munro
Shawn M. Munro
Cochef de l'équipe nationale de l'industrie de l'énergie
Ashley M. White
Ashley M. White
Co-Head of Energy Practice

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