What a Donald Trump Presidency Means for Canada

November 14, 2016

On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States of America. Sander Grieve, head of Bennett Jones’ Mining Practice, sat down with members of our Government Affairs & Public Policy team and asked them where they see challenges and opportunities for Canada based on their decades of experience in business and political relations with the United States.

Sander Grieve, partner, head of mining

Introductory remarks


John Baird, senior business advisor and former Foreign Minister of Canada

John looks at trade and increased protectionism throughout the US, uncertainty for now over international security, new life for the Keystone XL pipeline and why Trump's victory was not such a surprise.


Allan Gotlieb, senior business advisor and former Canadian Ambassador to the US

Allan says why Canada could be in for a rough ride in our relationship with the new administration and Congress, why diplomacy will be so important, why Canada is so vulnerable in our trade dependence on the US and why we must be effective in dealing with Congress.


Michael Kergin, senior advisor and former Canadian Ambassador to the US

Michael points out how important the new Congress is for Canada, the new and extraordinary dominance of the Republicans in U.S. politics, why it’s vital for Canada to work with like-minded members of Congress and the need to break down the isolationist worry in the U.S.


Eddie Goldenberg, partner, co-head of government affairs and public policy and former Senior Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister of Canada and the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff

Eddie discusses what the election results mean for business in Canada through trade, possible tighter border security, global confidence in the U.S. and its economy—and why some Canadians in Silicon Valley might return home.


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