Energy Forum 2023 Presented by Bennett Jones

16 novembre 2023

As a frontrunner in the energy industry for the last century, Bennett Jones was proud to be the title sponsor of the GVBOT's 2023 Energy Forum. The conference provided the setting for highlighting Western Canada's significant role in the future of global clean technology and the energy sector.

Land Leases for Renewable Energy Projects in Alberta

02 novembre 2023

In 2016, the Province of Alberta passed the Renewable Electricity Act, cementing its commitment to increasing the amount of green energy produced in Alberta, with a goal of 30 percent of Alberta's electricity coming from renewable sources by 2030. Since that time, the number and size of renewables projects in Alberta, particularly utility-scale wind and solar projects, have grown rapidly. In 2022, Alberta accounted for over three-quarters of all new wind and solar capacity growth in Canada, and the Alberta Electric System Operator has projected that renewables will account for 30 percent of the Province’s generation by 2026.

The Supreme Court of Canada's Opinion on the Impact Assessment Act

01 novembre 2023

The Supreme Court of Canada released its opinion regarding the constitutionality of the Impact Assessment Act (the IAA) and the Physical Activities Regulations on Friday, October 13. In a five to two majority opinion written by the Chief Justice, the Supreme Court of Canada found that the IAA was largely unconstitutional. Lawyers at Bennett Jones LLP who argued the case for Alberta at the Alberta Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada discussed this significant opinion and its implications for major project development in Canada as well as generally the regulation of matters related to the environment including what impact the opinion may have on new and proposed federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

Going Nuclear: Updates on Alberta's Continued Pursuit of Small Modular Reactors

31 octobre 2023

The concept of deploying nuclear reactors as a carbon-free source of energy is gaining momentum in Alberta and elsewhere in Canada. This article explores recent promising developments in this space and discusses some of the challenges that lay ahead for those seeking to develop small modular reactors in Canada.

How EVs Are Moving Energy Forward in Ontario

31 octobre 2023

Marshall Eidinger discusses EV adoption and opportunities in the Moving Energy Forward podcast series, hosted by the Oakville Chamber of Commerce.

Principales personnes-ressources

David J. Macaulay
David J. Macaulay
Chef de la pratique de l'électricité et des énergies renouvelables
Shawn M. Munro
Shawn M. Munro
Cochef de l'équipe nationale de l'industrie de l'énergie
Ashley M. White
Ashley M. White
Co-chef de la pratique de l’énergie

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