Public Mergers and Acquisitions in Canada

2nd Edition

May 2017 | Conrad M. Druzeta, Jeffrey Kerbel, Ian C. Michael, Kris Hanc, Brent W. Kraus, Thomas A. Bauer, Matthew Peters, Melanie L. Aitken, Adam Kalbfleisch and Carl Cunningham

Canadian public merger and acquisition transactions in 2016 (in-bound and out-bound) comprised over C$400 billion in value with at least one-third of the transactions in Canada being fueled by foreign buyers. The second edition of the Guide provides an overview of the current Canadian legal system for anyone contemplating a public merger and acquisition transaction in Canada. It describes, among other things, acquisition techniques, deal strategy and tactics, minority shareholder rights, directors' duties, regulatory approvals, cross-border considerations and tax and employment matters. The new edition of the Guide is particularly timely in light of significant changes to Canada's take-over bid regime over 2016/2017.

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Public Mergers and Acquisitions in Canada Guide