Economic Outlook: Saving, Investment and Productivity Growth

June 2024

The global economic landscape is characterized by fragmentation, geopolitical tensions, and evolving policies that impact energy transitions and digital transformations. Despite these challenges, the authors projects a growth rate of 2.0% for both Canada and the United States through 2026, with inflation targets expected to be met by the end of 2025.

This edition features insights into short-term priorities for achieving non-inflationary growth and the long-term strategies needed to close the investment gap, boost innovation and raise productivity. The authors also examine how governments and businesses can create the conditions necessary to compete in a changing world and ensure sustainable economic growth.

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David A. Dodge O.C.
David A. Dodge O.C.
Senior Advisor
Serge  Dupont
Serge Dupont
Senior Advisor, Head of Public Policy

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