How to Apply

Our students have prepared My Future in Law: Student Recruitment Guide, a guide to the application and interview process. We invite you to review the guide as it may answer many of your questions.

Applications for both articling and summer positions should include:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resumé
  • Undergraduate transcript (photocopy of original transcript)
  • Law School transcript (photocopy of original transcript)
  • Post-graduate transcript, if applicable (photocopy of original transcript)
  • List of upper year courses
  • Reference letters (optional)

All applications should be submitted online through the viRecruit Portal. You may access the portal via our website. All applications should be addressed to Darcy Legros, National Director, Professional Development.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application by email. For summer applicants, if we are conducting on-campus interviews at your school, we will follow the procedures set out by your Career Development Office to advise if we will be able to meet with you and for scheduling. We will also advise you by email two days before Call Day whether we will be contacting you on "Call Day" to schedule an in-firm interview in accordance with the VBA guidelines.

Work Assignment/Rotation System

We believe that the summer is a time for you to experience as much or as little of a practice area as you desire. As a summer student, you are free to work deeply in an area of your choosing or accept work from multiple areas.

At this time we do not employ a rotation system during articles. However, we do seek to provide our students with a broad exposure to all of the practice areas in the office which would include general commercial litigation, corporate/commercial, securities, mergers and acquisitions, construction, commercial real estate, regulatory, environmental and aboriginal law.

Mentoring System

Each summer student is assigned a mentor who is an associate. The role of the mentor is to act as your host and introduce you to the firm and to assist with your workflow and work assignments.

Each articling student is assigned one principal (a partner) and one mentor (an associate) whose job is to help you integrate into the firm and assist with your workflow and file management. Our National Director and our Student Coordinator also work closely with you to ensure that you receive individualized attention and career planning assistance/guidance.

Professional Development

Through our own Bennett Jones Academy, we offer a series of in-house seminars and programs to supplement the summer and articling program and ongoing professional development. This begins with an in-depth orientation and continues with regular programs designed to build your practice management skills and provide you with introductions to specific practice areas. We also encourage our students to attend Bennett Jones Academy sessions designed for associates.


We recognize that feedback is essential to your development. Our students receive regular informal feedback from assigning lawyers, principals and mentors and also receive formal written reviews during the summer and during articling.

Social Events

Our students are encouraged to take part in social events at the firm. Although COVID-19 has changed the way we conduct ourselves and has forced us to rethink how we interact socially on a day-to-day basis, we continue to support our relationships during this interim period through participation in various virtual social gatherings. Many of our social events focus on our commitment to the community and building and maintaining lasting relationships amongst the students. Past events have included lawyer happy hours, Grouse Mountain and Quarry Rock climbs, snowshoeing expeditions, team cooking competitions, office holiday and summer parties and a firm golf day.

Salary & Benefits

  • Our summer and articling salary in Vancouver is $1,350/week.
  • During articles, we offer a comprehensive benefits package including extended health care, vision, dental, employee assistance plan, short and long-term disability and a fitness subsidy.
  • For articling students we offer a third-year tuition bonus ($7000).
Submit Your Application

The Vancouver office will be accepting applications for 2022/2023 articling student positions in May 2021 and 2022 Summer Student positions in July 2021.

Our office adheres to the recruiting guidelines set by the Law Society of British Columbia and the Vancouver Bar Association. Due to COVID-19, we anticipate that all interviews for articling and summer positions will take place virtually. 

Summer 2022

July 26, 2021: viLawPortal will be open to accept applications for 2022 summer student positions
September 1, 2021: Application Deadline
October 25, 2021 to October 27, 2021: Interviews
May 2022: Anticipated start date


Articling 2022/2023

May 24, 2021: viLawPortal will be open to accept applications for 2022/2023 articling student positions
June 30, 2021: Application Deadline
August 16, 2021 to August 18, 2021: Interviews
May 2022: Anticipated start date