Transparency International Canada Inc. - UNCAC Implementation Review - Civil Society Organization Report

October 2013 | Sabrina Bandali
In December 2013, Transparency International Canada (TI-Canada) published its Civil Society Report on Canada's implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption. The report contributed to the UNCAC Implementation Review Group's peer review process to assess the implementation and enforcement of selected articles in chapters III (Criminalisation and Law Enforcement) and IV (International Cooperation) of the UNCAC. TI-Canada's Civil Society Report, co-authored by Sabrina A. Bandali, focuses on the UNCAC articles covering bribery (Article 15), foreign bribery (Article 16), illicit enrichment (Article 20), money laundering (Article 23), and protection of reporting persons or whistleblowers (Article 33), from the perspective of civil society.