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Barutciski Milos High Resolution Image Milos Barutciski
Partner and Co-Head, International Trade and Investment Law
T: 416.777.6556
Goldman Jesse High Resolution Image Jesse I. Goldman
Partner, International Trade and Investment Law
T: 416.777.6442
Kronby Matthew Matthew Kronby
Partner, International Trade and Investment Law
T: 416.777.4664
Pearson Darrel High Resolution Image Darrel H. Pearson
Partner and Co-Head, International Trade and Investment Law
T: 416.777.4811

News & Speaking Engagements

  • Milos Barutciski on CTV on Trump's NAFTA Demands
    July 17, 2017

    Milos Barutciski appeared live on CTV for a one-on-one interview on what to expect as President Donald Trump prepares for NAFTA renegotiations with Canada and Mexico. For Canada, Milos says there will be some of the old disputes (softwood lumber, dairy, IP protection), some new issues such as ecommerce, and some of Trump's protectionist concerns on narrowing the scope of NAFTA and Buy America provisions. Milos says a challenge for the President is that his own constituency is divided on some of these issues, and while he has been very vocal about what he wants, he will also need to give in a renegotiation.

  • John Baird on BNN on G20 Summit
    July 07, 2017

    John Baird appears live on BNN to discuss what to expect as world leaders gather in Hamburg, Germany for the G20 Summit. Trade and climate change policies are high on the agenda.
  • Jessica Horwitz in Panama City at Inter-American Bar Association Conference
    June 29, 2017

    Jessica Horwitz spoke on a panel at the 53rd Inter-American Bar Association Conference in Panama City on "International Trade Agreements and the Practice of Law". T‎he IABA represents a permanent forum for the exchange of professional views and information for lawyers to promote the Rule of Law and protect the democratic institutions in the Americas.

  • Jessica Horwitz on LAWYERED on International Trade Law
    June 28, 2017

    Jessica Horwitz appears on LAWYERED for an in-depth discussion about the legal issues that impact Canada’s trade abroad. She shares her insights on trade remedies, the CETA and foreign corruption legislation. LAWYERED is a bi-weekly, independent podcast series that takes a critical look at current Canadian legal issues. 

  • Matthew Kronby Receives Award of Excellence in International Law
    June 28, 2017

    Matthew Kronby received the 2017 Ontario Bar Association's Award of Excellence in International Law on June 27 in Toronto. The award is for Matthew's career of achievements, he has continuously been at the forefront of milestone developments in international trade and investment law. He was involved in the adoption of the NAFTA and WTO agreements while serving at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, and in Canada's earliest investment arbitrations. He has argued numerous groundbreaking dispute settlement cases at the WTO. He has led Canada's legal teams in various free trade negotiations, including the CETA negotiations with the European Union. And Matthew is currently engaged on behalf of governments and industry in the most important Canadian trade files, including the NAFTA re-negotiations and the softwood lumber dispute. OBA Award of Excellence in International Law

  • Matthew Kronby in Lexpert on ‎International Trade in the Era of Trump
    June 23, 2017

    Matthew Kronby comments in a Lexpert feature story on the role of Canada in international trade in an era of growing protectionism under the President Trump administration. ‎Matthew says that despite the challenges, if deals like the TPP can be revived, Canada can benefit greatly through a deeper trade relationship with Japan.

  • Melanie Aitken on BNN on Canada-U.S. Trade Talks
    June 15, 2017

    Melanie Aitken appeared live on BNN for a one-on-one interview on how Canada can best position itself in trade talks on revising the NAFTA. She says that aligned mutual self-interest between should drive talks, as both countries could benefit from updates to the agreement. She also discussed the importance of support from government and business leaders in Canada and the U.S., as well as support at the state level by members of Congress. Melanie is a board member of the Canada-America Business Council.  Aligned mutual self-interest should drive trade talks: CABC board member
  • Jesse Goldman in National Post on Bombardier, Boeing and USITC
    June 08, 2017

    Jesse Goldman comments in the National Post on the United States International Trade Commission's expected vote to press on with an investigation of Bombardier's trade practices following a complaint from Boeing. Jesse says a positive determination is likely, and that the ensuing investigation will be both complicated and lengthy.

  • Michael Kergin at Globe Talks - NAFTA in Play
    June 07, 2017

    Michael Kergin will be one of the five panelists at Globe Talks – NAFTA in Play on June 7, 2017 in Toronto. The panel will discuss how Canada can come out on top in NAFTA renegotiations with the United States and President Donald Trump. For more than 20 years, the agreement has tied the continent’s economy together and rewriting NAFTA could affect huge swaths of Canada’s economy and labour market.

    The event will be held at the Globe and Mail Centre at 351 King Street East. More information is available at
  • Matthew Kronby in Globe and Mail on Tough Canada-U.S. Trade Talk
    May 20, 2017

    Matthew Kronby comments in the Globe and Mail on the sharper edge being taken in trade discussions between Canada and the U.S. in advance of the renegotiation of NAFTA. Matthew says, "In the general context of this aggressive posture the U.S. has taken on bilateral trade . . . the government of Canada is sending a signal that trade is very much a two-way street and that they will protect the interests of Canadian business."
  • Anne McLellan on Cannabis, Canada and International Treaties
    May 19, 2017

    Anne McLellan tells The Canadian Press why Canada's plan to legalize and regulate cannabis for recreational use is in keeping with the spirit of international treaties. Anne says, "Those treaties talk to the protection of youth and young people, keeping young people out of criminal situations. They speak to fairness and justice and they speak to public health." Canada is one of more than 185 parties to three United Nations drug control conventions. Canada holds to 'spirit' of drug treaties with legal pot
  • Matthew Kronby on CTV on 90-day NAFTA Renegotiation Countdown
    May 18, 2017

    Matthew Kronby appeared live on CTV News to provide his insights on President Donald Trump's administration officially notifying Congress that the U.S. intends to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico.

  • Jesse Goldman in National Post on Bombardier
    April 29, 2017

    Jesse Goldman comments in the National Post on Boeing filing a petition to the U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. International Trade Commission seeking an anti-dumping, countervailing duty order against the sale of Bombardier’s C Series aircraft. Jesse said that, “Bombardier is about to deal with a lengthy investigation in the U.S. that’s going to involve a significant amount of work on Bombardier’s part. They are facing some pretty serious allegations.”  Bombardier facing potentially lengthy probe following Boeing complaint

  • Jesse Goldman on CHED Edmonton on Trump vs. Canadian Trade
    April 26, 2017

    Jesse Goldman spoke with 630AM CHED Edmonton's Ryan Jesperson Show on President Donald Trump's recent comments on Canada-U.S. trade. Jesse focused on softwood lumber and supply management in Canada's dairy industry. The interview runs from 1:40 to 13:40 at (April 26 – Trump vs. Canadian Trade).

  • Matthew Kronby in National Post on Softwood Lumber
    April 26, 2017

    Matthew Kronby comments in the National Post on the latest round in the softwood lumber dispute between Canada and the United States. This long-running trade dispute has been going on since the 1980s. Canada Vows to Fight Unfair and Punitive Duty as Trump Slaps Tariff on Softwood Lumber
  • Milos Barutciski on CTV on Supply Management and Softwood Lumber
    April 24, 2017

    Milos Barutciski appeared live on CTV's Your Morning to share his insights from an international trade perspective on the current debates on supply management in Canada's dairy industry and on softwood lumber. President Donald Trump has recently criticized both sectors as being overly protectionist. What is supply management

  • Milos Barutciski on CBC's Power & Politics on Supply Management
    April 21, 2017

    Milos Barutciski appeared live on CBC's Power & Politics to discuss President Trump's criticisms of Canada's dairy industry and supply management system. Milos points out that from an international trade law perspective, what matters most is what's legal, not what's politically popular between trade partners. Canada's supply management system has withstood the test of being legal for decades.

  • Milos Barutciski on BNN on Canada's Dairy Sector and Trade
    April 19, 2017

    Milos Barutciski appeared live on BNN to discuss President Trump's criticisms of Canada's dairy industry and supply management system. Milos pointed out that the system has been in place for decades and has withstood challenges in multiple international and global ‎trade agreements and before the WTO. The escalating legal risk of dairy wars

  • Milos Barutciski in National Post on Buy American
    April 18, 2017

    Milos Barutciski comments in the National Post ‎on President Trump's “Buy American and Hire American” executive order and its potential impact on Canadian businesses. Milos said it's not just the legal effect, but also the tone that's set that's concerning to companies in Canada. Trump’s latest Buy American order mostly rhetoric but could harm Canadian businesses: experts

  • Matthew Kronby in Lawyers Weekly on CETA and U.S. Market
    March 27, 2017

    Matthew Kronby writes in Lawyers Weekly on why the CETA will offer opportunities for Canadian businesses to expand into the EU and reduce their export dependency on the U.S.

  • Four Bennett Jones Practices Ranked Band 1 by Chambers Global 2017
    March 16, 2017

    The 2017 Chambers Global Rankings are out and Bennett Jones is once again noted as a top-ranked law firm. Forty-nine lawyers in 25 practice areas are recognized in the publication. Of particular note are the four practices and nine lawyers recognized in Band 1.

  • International Compliance Professional Association EU Conference 2017
    March 12-15, 2017

    Darrel Pearson and Claire Kennedy recently attended the International Compliance Professional Association's (ICPA) EU Conference in Miami, Florida from March 12-15, 2017.  Attached is the power point presentation they jointly presented with Christina Rinne of Neiderer Kraft & Frey Ltd. on March 14th entitled: "Impact of BEPS from a Customs and VAT Perspective".
  • John Baird Talks Trump, Trade and Opportunity in Saskatchewan
    February 27, 2017

    John Baird spoke with the Saskatoon StarPhoenix prior to his upcoming speech at the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority’s annual economic outlook forum. John will speak about economic challenges and opportunities for Canada at the forum and he spoke with the StarPhoenix about Saskatchewan’s economy and the rise of American protectionism.

  • Milos Barutciski in Daily Oil Bulletin: Service Companies and Going Global
    February 24, 2017

    Milos Barutciski was a panellist at an Edmonton seminar that provided insights or oil and gas service supply companies looking to enter global markets. ‎As part of his remarks he looked at the countries that are the most difficult to do business in from a regulatory perspective, and what can companies do to address the challenges.

  • John Weekes in Bloomberg on What Refashioning NAFTA May Look Like
    February 16, 2017

    John Weekes comments in Bloomberg on what's changed about Canada/U.S. trade since NAFTA came into effect in 1994 that requires possible changes to the rules. John says that when it comes to rules of origin, there have been important changes in the way that companies source products. John also says there are a lot of things that didn’t even exist when NAFTA was negotiated, such as electronic commerce. What Refashioning an Iconic 90s Trade Deal May Look Like