McLean Louise Large

Why did you choose Bennett Jones?

When the opportunity to join Bennett Jones presented itself to me almost 8 years ago, I consulted with friends and colleagues and received very positive feedback about Bennett Jones, especially with respect to how they treated their employees. I took the chance and haven't regretted it.

What's your educational/training background?

For a non-lawyer, in the field of intellectual property, it's mostly on-the-job training. In addition though, George Brown College and Fellowship courses offered at the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario in my area of expertise.

What's your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Spend time with my husband at the lake.

What do you love about working here?

The people. I am very fortunate to work with the people I do. I'm surrounded by extremely hard-working, smart, witty, patient, down-to-earth, entertaining people who make work not always feel work. Laughter is a common sound in our department.