Henry Kim Large

What is unique about your department?

Our department is unique as it has so many nice people. They all pitch in and help their peers when they are busy. For example, during our year end billing blitz people from Accounts Payable, Trust, Accounts Receivable all volunteer to assist the Billing Group. It's a busy time, but fun too!

Name one fun thing your department does each year (volunteer/fun activities)?

We have a team celebration after our year end is complete. We also have a potluck at Christmas.

How does working in your department within a law firm environment differ from
the same role in other corporate settings?

Because it's a private partnership, we have a lot of flexibility and can try new things. I think the biggest difference is that we work directly with the owners of the business. I believe that is what makes everyone so engaged in their work.

Why choose Bennett Jones?

It's a great place to work!