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What is the CPD requirement for new and experienced lawyers?

You must complete a minimum of 12 hours of continuing professional development (CPD). At least 3 of those hours must be accredited by the LSUC and relate to professional responsibility, ethics and/or practice management (Professionalism Hours). The remaining 9 hours need not be accredited and may address substantive or procedural law topics and/or related skills (Substantive Hours).

To whom ds the CPD requirement apply?

The CPD requirement applies to both new members and experienced members. As of January 1, 2014, the separate new member CPD requirement has been eliminated. New members are now subject to the same CPD requirement as experienced members.

How do I get my CPD hours?

The CPD requirement recognizes a range of eligible educational activities including the following:

  • Attending (either in person, online or by telephone) a live CPD course that provides an opportunity to interact with colleagues and/ or instructors.
  • Viewing or listening to recorded or archived CPD programs and courses with at least one colleague.
  • Watching a previously recorded program alone or participation in asynchronous, online CPD courses that prompt responses throughout (maximum of 6 hours per year).
  • Teaching a substantive or professionalism topic (maximum of 6 hours per year).
  • Acting as an articling principle, mentoring or being mentored (maximum of 6 hours per year).
  • Writing and editing books and articles with or without a co-author (maximum of 6 hours per year).
  • Attending a study group, with at least 2 or more people present, when CPD content is discussed.
  • Attending the educational components of bar and law association meetings.
Will the following activities count towards my CPD?

These activities are considered ineligible for CPD:

  • Marketing to existing or potential clients.
  • Acting as an adjudicator, chair or member for a tribunal or board or other panel.
  • Doing pro-bono work.
  • Attending meetings (e.g. LSUC meetings, AGMs, board or committee meetings etc.)
  • File specific discussion.
How do I report my 2014 CPD hours?

You must report your eligible activities on the newly designed LSUC's online member portal by December 31, 2014.

Should I keep a record of my CPD activities?

The Law Society may require you to submit proof of your attendance at CPD programs and activities. You are required to keep written confirmation of registration at CPD programs as proof of attendance. Also, ensure to do the following:

  • Retain all program materials – agendas, handouts, presentation slides, discussion notes until December 31st of the year following the year in which the CPD program or activity was completed;
  • Sign your name on the attendance sheet at each event;
  • Save correspondence and certificates confirming your attendance; and
  • Update your CPD Activity on LSUC portal after each event.

For more detailed information on required documentation according to the type of eligible educational activity, please see Record Keeping Standards.

If I have additional Professionalism Hours above the 3 hours minimum can I use them toward my Substantive Hours requirement?

Yes. Professionalism Hours accumulated above the 3 hour minimum may be used toward your Substantive Hours requirement.

If I have additional Substantive Hours above the 9 hours can I use them toward my Professionalism Hours requirement?

No. Any additional Substantive Hours above the 9 hours may not be counted towards your Professionalism Hour requirement.

What happens if I obtained more than 12 CPD hours in 2014?

You are unable to carry forward any additional hours from 2014 toward your 2015 CPD Hours requirement.

What happens if I don’t complete my CPD requirement or fail to report my CPD through the LSUC Portal by December 31, 2014?

You will be charged a late fee of $100.00 in addition to being subject to administrative suspension.

Where can I find out more information

Full details can be found on the LSUC's website.


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Michael Bach

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Bennett Jones Academy 2016 Alberta Seminar Program

Download the Alberta Bennett Jones Academy Seminar Program for a complete list of the professional development seminars in Calgary and Edmonton for legal professionals available from Bennett Jones Academy.


How to Register

To register for a session in Toronto, contact Neil Guthrie.

How to Attend Online Sessions

Most of our 2015 sessions will be broadcast online in ON24 webinar format. They will also be available via teleconference. To ensure a successful session, please take a moment to check the following on your office computer. If you have any issues, your IT staff should be able to quickly resolve them for you.


You may join a ON24 webinar via audio conference or via VOIP audio conference. Instructions on how to join your particular course will be sent to you along with access codes to participate in the live event.


ON24 generally works with most standard office setups, but please ensure you or a member of your Information Technology team verifies your computer has the latest version of Flash. To download the latest version of Flash, please visit:


Seminar materials will be made available to participants via the link reminder on the day of your course. We like to ensure our course materials are as up to date as possible and as such, we make them available the day of the course. Materials will also be available post-event.

Reminder and Login Instructions

You will receive a reminder to your RSVP email one week prior to the event. You will receive an email with log in instructions the day before the event.


Key Contacts

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Neil Guthrie
Director, Professional Development (Ontario); Toronto | 416.777.6505
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Craig M. Kinsman
Director, Professional Development and Student Programs (Alberta) Calgary | 403.298.3211